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Social media is more than just the shop window to your business. It ensures that your brand is a continuous presence in your customers’ online lives, offering spontaneous opportunities to connect every single day. Through Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram or whichever platform best suits your brand, you can create meaningful conversations with your customers. Whether it’s keeping them informed about your brand’s activities, seeking input for how to improve or simply providing entertaining content, social media brings you much closer to your consumers than ever before.

The particular social media strategy that MK21 implement will depend on the kind of people your brand wants to reach out to. Targeting a wide demographic? Our focus might be fostering engagement on Facebook. Or is your brand a little more niche? Perhaps building a dedicated Instagram audience might be best, supported with tailored Youtube content. The various channels work alongside each other and content remains consistent - the only variable is delivery for each platform. To further pinpoint exactly who receives your content, there is also the option of paid social media advertising. Using this, your activity can be targeted precisely at customers depending upon their location, gender, age-group, even what interests they have. This can be extremely effective, however large or small your budget.

We believe in creating a distinctive online identity for our clients, ensuring that their social media activity always provides a positive, engaging experience for audiences. We don't merely do updates; we are committed to producing quality content that really speaks to the user. Research shows that rich media (photos or videos, for example) consistently achieves the highest rates of engagement and makes sure your content stands out in Facebook and Twitter feeds. That’s why we think it’s really important to add graphics to even the most basic social media post. With MK21, all design work is included in your package.

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Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Periscope or Snapchat - social media allows you to connect with customers in new ways

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