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Rebecca Jackson is a racing driver, television presenter, motoring expert, Telegraph journalist and business woman - however above all, a big cat lover!

Rebecca came to us wanting to refresh her ‘RebeccaRacer’ brand, which although has served her incredibly well - didn’t quite fit her extensive talents and future plans.

We worked very closely with Rebecca to ensure the brand we created encapsulated every aspect of her skills, whilst connecting with her racing fans but also potential sponsors. Our first recommendation was to adopt ‘Rebecca Jackson’ as the brand and come away from RebeccaRacer. In addition to a refreshed logo our suggestion of more real like images (more specifically with her cat Sid!) help show Rebecca’s radiant personality and very genuine approach to her work, both on and off the race track.

We have designed a new website which will be launching in March 2017.

  • Client: ....................Hughes and Hughes Accounting Services
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